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Meet Jack Taylor

Jack A. Taylor (PhD) has written 8 novels including the award-winning series The Cross Maker trilogy and The One Last Wave trilogy. He writes monthly for the Light Magazine (where he won the Harvey/ Mackey Journalism award) and has dozens of editor’s choice award short stories with Faithwriters. He worked with Rift Valley Academy in Kenya for 18 years and has pastored a multi-cultural church (with over 50 nations represented) in Vancouver, BC.

Titles By Jack Taylor Include:

Short Stories

In writings and ramblings I offer you hundreds of short stories for your reading pleasure. I’ll add a few each week or so. Each story followed an assigned theme and faced off against other talented authors. The majority of the ones listed below are the editor’s choice award-winning offerings. If you want to download and share please purchase for a dollar or two.

Stories of Hope for the Heart

Stories of Adventure for the Mind

Stories of Life for the soul

The author has always had a great way with story-telling and this was no disappointment. The characters are well-developed and I felt as if I knew each of them as I read along. He describes the people and places with just the right amount of attention to detail. The pictures he draws with words are amazing and take me back to a different time in life...

~ Chandra

"Great Read. I loved this young woman's story of how she is searching for herself, romance, and her lost faith in God. As Katie reads her journals -- this happens throughout the book -- I could get a wonderful visual of life in Kenya. Throw in some mystery and intrigue and this book is a must read!"

~ Leola Ogle

" Thought provoking and memory inducing....
Even if you never lived in Africa, this is a great read. If you had the privilege of going to school at Rift Valley Academy it is a fantastic memory tickler. A whole lot of story is jammed into the pages of this novel."

~ Andrew Heuer