Parenting is a challenge that tests the best of us. As Dr. Kevin Leman has oft stated, parenting is like being in an airline emergency. When the oxygen masks drop you need to put on your own gear before trying to help others. When things start feeling out of control in life, our children need us to be focused, clear thinking, and acting effectively. Most of all, they need us to be present.

In 12 Tasks, Shel Arensen and I offer a chance for you to walk your son or daughter through a rite of passage that will enhance confidence, build relationship, strengthen growth areas and build a robust community of support. The good thing is that you won’t have to do it alone.

The first place to start is by purchasing the companion guide for the adventure ahead. Read through it step by step and keep us in touch with your questions. You could also buy the companion novel for a fun read on how it might look in a group setting as you work through the challenges of actually implementing the 12 Tasks.

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