Katie Delancey Trilogy

Katrina [Katie] Joy Delancey has staked her life on keeping the past and future away from her heart. But she is no master of fate or captain of her own journey. A near fatal race with a wild stallion, an unexpected discovery of lost African journals, and a chance encounter with a tae kwon do master, leads Katie through love, grief, faith and terror like she’s never known it.

One Last Wave is a story about being discovered by faith and love no matter where you are, no matter where you’ve been, and no matter what you think may lie ahead.

No Place to Run is a story about facing the conflict of commitment and love when your prayers seem unanswered, your choices seem entangled, and your life seems to be losing its direction.

Stretching for Home is a story about finding healing, hope and home when everything seems to be going against you. It is of special design for MKs and those who care about them.