The Salome Trilogy

The Good Sister – Book 1

It all starts with a dare. Salome, a spirited young woman in Galilee, is perched in a tree and challenges Nathaniel, her smitten childhood friend, to climb onto a high branch after her. He falls and crushes a leg. Salome flees the scene in shock, abandoning Nathaniel.

The Good Wife – Book 2

An arrow narrowly misses Salome but prods her into rescuing a girl from a Roman centurion and pulls her back into intrigue that she tried to leave behind. Once again, she wrestles with conflicting desires: obeying and honoring her family, sabotaging the Romans, and helping the Zealots and Parthians.

The Good Aunt – Book 3

A young warrior woman somersaults over a horse with a dagger and javelin in hand, landing at Salome’s side and spinning her once again into the revolutionary cause and unresolved relationships and past conflicts. As the Romans continue their onslaught, the Zealots and Parthians fight back. Salome is caught up in the ensuing chaos where she’s reunited with her childhood friend and fellow crusader, Nathaniel.

The author has always had a great way with story-telling and this was no disappointment. The characters are well-developed and I felt as if I knew each of them as I read along. He describes the people and places with just the right amount of attention to detail. The pictures he draws with words are amazing and take me back to a different time in life...

~ Chandra

"Great Read. I loved this young woman's story of how she is searching for herself, romance, and her lost faith in God. As Katie reads her journals -- this happens throughout the book -- I could get a wonderful visual of life in Kenya. Throw in some mystery and intrigue and this book is a must read!"

~ Leola Ogle

" Thought provoking and memory inducing....
Even if you never lived in Africa, this is a great read. If you had the privilege of going to school at Rift Valley Academy it is a fantastic memory tickler. A whole lot of story is jammed into the pages of this novel."

~ Andrew Heuer